003 Disclaimers

A few disclaimers:

  • This blog is for information and entertainment. I am not a financial advisor. Do your own research or consult your financial advisor for actionable steps.
  • Material on this site is provided “as-is”. I make no warranties or make any representations on results you could expect by operationalizing what’s in here.
  • I am not responsible for trading decisions, damages or other losses resulting from, or related to, the information, data analysis or opinions here.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
  • All investments are subject to financial and non-financial risks.
  • I may revise content to address errors, or factor in changed scenarios, or for any other reason. I do not warrant that anything in here is accurate, complete or current. I also do not make any commitment to update material to ensure ongoing validity.
  • I am not responsible for content of any links provided in this site. I do not imply endorsement of any views in the sites.
  • I may have financial relationships with merchants and may be compensated for driving traffic to the site through affiliate links. I may also have invested in investment vehicles detailed on this site.
  • I may revise terms of use for the website any time without notice.

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